I was born again when I was in college (bible school). why in Bible school? My parents when they got saved, brought us (with my siblings) into a new home church—born again. I am interested with Bible stories and deep inside I want to be a pastor when I grow up. That was my desire so I enrolled in Bible school after graduated high school and in my surprised there I fully understood the meaning of salvation when it was discussed by our teacher, evangelism subject. He challenged if there would be one of us who have not yet receive the Lord in our lives. For me I did not raise my hands because it was shameful to admit that.

Maria Fe Luna Regala

​MFC Pastor


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Maranatha Family Church - Trento

SFAMPC Building, Purok 6 Poblacion

Trento, Agusan Del Sur 


But September 1, 1991 in my room (bible school) I cannot sleep. I was troubled inside. I do not know what was happening to me until I jumped off my bed and knelt down before the Lord. I started confessing my sins, grieving over my wrong doings and invited Jesus to come into my life. It was a strange feeling for me but I love that experience. Then I got peace, trouble has gone. I was smiling and laughing without sounds or else my roommates would hear me. I was so happy! That was an encounter I never forget. The gift I asked from God when I graduate in Bible school is the baptism of the Holy Ghost. During our graduation, we had a visitor from the USA a couple minister and his wife sister Keren a full blooded Jew, very passionate to Jesus. She prayed over me with that prophetic words, i was trembling and knew my God is going to release what I did ask. I WAS BAPTISED in the Holy Ghost! since then, until now that passion to serve my KING never fades. In spite of what I had been through the more I my passion increases. This is where my is, this is where I belong. He know what’s in my heart.

 “Because I've experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit, I now have the passion and fire to serve my King."

Trento, Agusan Del Sur