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Maranatha Family Church - Lubogan

Block 10, Lot 7 Toril Country Homes, 

Lubogan, Toril, Davao City 8000 


Lubogan, Toril, Davao City


Christina Hanna Sevilla

Born on March 17, 1998; 4th year high school.


“I find joy in serving God and the people He put under my care.

No retreat, no surrender!”

Christine Gieca Sevilla

Born on April 17, 1995; In 4th year college. Involve in Kid's ministry.

While God was calling us to the ministry He brought us to our wilderness. He hindered our business until we had nothing and that was the time we went to Maranatha Family Church (Daliao) for months. That time God used a speaker who shared about offering something to God. We wanted to offer something to Him but all we have is our wedding ring. I told my husband to offer ourselves instead of our wedding ring which he thought of giving it. After the speaker prayed, Pastor Armand spoke with us about His dream. He dreamt Rogie  will be the pastor of MFC Lubogan. We hesitated at first but responded for we know that it was God who called us. It’s not easy but we decided to obey God’s calling.


After the death of my husband, I am here to continue to serve God and His people He put under my care. And I find joy in serving Him.

Pastor Nenuca with children: Gieno, Gieca, Hanna, and grandson David Zachary

Christian Gieno Sevilla

Born on October 7, 1993. Involve in music ministry.

Nenuca Sevilla

MFC Pastor