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Maranatha Family Church - Inawayan

Barangay Isum, Inawayan

Santa Cruz, Davao Del Sur 8001


Pastor Rodel & Monette Garcia


Inawayan, Santa Cruz​, Davao Del Sur


Rodel "Buddy" Garcia

MFC Pastor

My journey started with a very painful experience. My father was murdered when I was only ten years old in our farm in Kabacan, Cotabato, Philippines. At age sixteen, while feeding our livestock, I remember my father. I remember asking God why He took my father away so early. Suddenly my tears flowed like rivers as I felt the presence of God. I don’t know if I heard the words audibly or it was impressed strongly in my heart, “I want you to experience the love of a Heavenly Father in a deeper sense. Soon, I will use you to minister to the fatherless.” The presence of God was so powerful that when I came to my senses, I was embracing one of the pigs. Since then, I know I am called by God to be a minister. 

Due to distance and road condition, I was hesitant to be the Pastor of a young church. I prayed so hard for God to send somebody else instead of me. It came to a point where Pastor Armand said, “if no one will commit to pastor the church in Inawayan, we might as well close it." After lots of sleepless nights seeking God’s direction, I finally said “Yes” to God’s call. It was on May 4, 2014 when I packed my belongings, left Davao City and pastored Maranatha Family Church in Inawayan, Davao Del Sur.

Year 2014 was the year of God’s favor! It was the year when the Inawayan church was renovated. It was on November that year I met my lifetime partner Ma. Monette De Guzman. We were engaged in January, 2015. We exchanged our marriage vows in February 2015 and later in March we found out that my lovely wife is pregnant to our first child.

“Obedience will lead you to favors.” To God be all the glory and honor!

"My Heavenly Father said, 'I will use you to minister to the fatherless.' He spoke, I obeyed. 2014 was the year of God's favor!"