Jonathan David Valdez

Born on July 10, 1995, taking up Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia at the University of Mindanao, plays the drums, keyboards and acoustic guitar, and is involve with the worship team and the campus ministry. He also creates video

clips, video trailers, and music arrangements.

Davao City - Downtown

Lilybelle Grace M. Valdez

Born on June 23 at Davao City 

Music Director of MFC Davao City

Jaryl Paul Valdez

Born on August 14,1996, taking up Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at the University of Southeastern Philippines, plays the bass and acoustic guitar, and is involve with the worship team and campus ministry.

Angeli Grace Valdez

Born on December 11, 2002, she is in 6th grade at Thompson Christian School, dances hiphop, sings and writes songs and short stories, and is involve with firestarter group and homegroup evangelism.



Pastor Armand & Lilybelle with their children: Jonathan, Jaryl, John and Angeli

“It is possible to obey Jesus' words and not love Him; but it is impossible to love Him and not obey Him.”

John Wesley Valdez

Born on December 21, 1999, he is in the 10th grade at Thompson Christian School, plays the violin and piano and is involve with firestarter group and homegroup evangelism.

1. My life’s story:

Hi, my name is Armando L. Valdez, married to Lilybelle Grace Valdez, with four children - Jonathan David, Jaryl Paul, John Wesley and Angeli Grace.  We are currently living in Davao City, Philippines.

I am a graduate of CBI (Calvary Bible Institute).  I also attended other trainings and other Bible schools for specific courses. I’ve been pastoring for 25 years now. Besides pastoring a local church, my wife and I also mentor other pastors assigned to different locations in the island of Mindanao.  I currently teach at “Fire School of Ministry - Philippines” with the goal to raise as many laborers to be sent to the harvest field (local and frontier missions).
It is our heart’s burning desire to see all people be given the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Therefore, we envision Christians to seriously pursue God in prayer (personal revival - intercession), to actively share their faith in a regular basis (lifestyle evangelism), and make disciples (train others).

Church Mission Statement: 
Maranatha’s mission is to seek the lost, train the found, minister to the needs of the community, and network with other churches in the Body of Christ with the same mission.


How I came to know the Lord Jesus

2. How I was called to the ministry?

After I got saved, I gradually developed a hunger for God’s Word.  I was so in love with the Bible that moved me to read 21 times each verses in the Bible, to be able to understand it.  I studied the bible more than my school lessons. Over time, I felt like I have eaten too much and my body wants to vomit them out.  So, after class, I go back to school with my bible, met some friends and spill out the truths that I’ve learned. Then one night, I had a dream. I had the same dream each night and I had no control over it. It’s like watching the same movie again and again, you know the beginning and the ending. In that dream, I saw a big airplane flying above me and heard the loud cries of the passengers. The pilots lost control over the plane. The plane is locked to a head-on collision with a big scud missile. Then I took-off with a wingless airplane, got in front of the big plane, and immediately, the pilots regained control and made a turn to safety. But I was in big trouble, because my controls are hijacked, my plane is heading straight to the incoming missile. Then, at the impact and loud explosion i wake up sweating and my heart pounding. Like my life for others. I went to college with an ambition to become a pilot. Time came when I heard a voice (not with my ears) that resonated within me and in my thoughts, “It’s time for you to fulfill my dream, not yours.”  I was amazed at what I heard. My desire for ministry returned and I started to attend church and trainings.

After I got married and had children, I sought the Lord for direction, because of some needs and opportunities. I had another dream, a dream that confirmed my ministry in the city.

It was dawn of August 25, 2007. In that dream, God gave me a tour of the City through a big hand. My heart pounded with unbearable compassion on each soul I saw in the streets. When we got to the market place, I saw many unsaved people, tears flowed and covered my eyes. I was deeply moved and was overwhelmed by God’s deep desire to reach the lost. And then He said, “do you see them?”  The conviction was too much for me to bear and my heart was so tight, like it was about to burst from a love overload. In anguish I said, “yes Lord!” Then He said, “bring them.” After that i was back in my bedroom crying.

God placed in me His emotion towards the lost and I began to cry uncontrollably. It was then that I realized that His love can drive us to fearlessly bring people in.

“It is possible to obey Jesus' words and not love Him; but it is impossible to love Him and not obey Him.”

Then I thought to myself, and prayed, "Lord how can I convince anybody about this kind of love, that can move an ordinary believer, even an untrained one to reach the lost at all cost fearlessly? Unless you let them experience what I just experience. Unless you impart to them your agape love for the lost?" But there was no answer, no conviction, no idea, I had no clue, no revelation; not until 7 years later on the same month (August 2014). It was unintentional, the Lord quickened me about the 2007 vision when I met sir Eric Miller. He told me what normal Christianity is, the book of Acts Christianity, how cultivating God’s presence can drive or enable Christians to boldly share their faith without fear, etc.  It was what I have been asking God about.  Everything else went on from that meeting (a meeting that was meant for something else). God is awesome!

May God place in us His emotion towards the lost.  For His kind of love none of us can restrain.  It can move even the new and untrained believer to fearlessly reach the lost.


3. How I met Rev. Wesley Russ?

It was a Divine connection.

My wife and I pastored a small church CFDN (Christian Family Discipleship Network) in Toril, Davao City, registered in SEC (Security and Exchange Commission) in 1996.  This church was under the supervision of FACM (Fellowship of Asian Churches in Missions), an association of Pastors and Churches affiliated to TJF (The Jesus Fellowship).  In some turn of events, FACM was dissolved due to doctrinal dispute amongst the pastors.  This resulted to CFDN becoming independent and without accountability.

In 1999, a group of leaders from Maranatha Fellowship, MD, USA came to Davao City for a wedding. I was invited to meet their pastor, Rev. Wesley Russ to discuss how weddings are done in the Philippines. After discussing the wedding liturgy, unintentionally the conversation swung to the current doctrinal controversy. Reverend Wesley Russ was obviously advance in wisdom, knowledge, and experience in the ministry; for he reiterated the origin, the emphasis of the said controversial doctrine in a chronological order. He pointed out the errors disguised as truth (unbalanced revelations) that led to spiritual chaos (confusion and division) in their place.  

And after 3 years of casual communication through email, our friendship got deeper like that of a family. At that time, Rev. Wesley Russ, the Mid-Atlantic Conference Superintendent of IPHC (International Pentecostal Holiness Church) adopted us, CFDN as one of their missions outreach in the Philippines. Roughly a year later, March 2002, CFDN was renamed to MFC (Maranatha Family Church International Ministries). Since then, we were forever grateful to God, for divinely connecting us to a loving spiritual covering and mentor with a well-balanced doctrine.  To God be the glory!

When you are in the city, come and say HELLO!

Maranatha Family Church

2nd Floor Cinema-4, Victoria Plaza Mall,

J.P. Laurel Avenue, Davao City 8000


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Armando Valdez

Senior Pastor of Maranatha Family Church (MFC);

Overseer of Maranatha Family Churches